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It is finally happening! Our signature styles the Augusta Jacket and Adeline Chaps are currently in production and getting ready to ship in the next couple weeks! If you've been waiting to get yourself some of our gear, sign up to our email list below to be updated when they're ready to ship!

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Women have been riding motorcycles for about as long as bikes have existed, but the motorcycle industry continues to focus on men.

In 1916, before paved roads, maps of the US, and women being allowed to wear pants, Augusta and Adeline rode their motorcycles across the continental US. They were the first women to accomplish this feat riding solo, facing arrests for wearing men’s clothing, crossing rugged mountain paths and unknown countrysides as they rode into the Wild West.

100 years later, we are a sisterhood of motorcycle enthusiasts who are choosing to follow in the footsteps of Augusta & Adeline Van Buren. If you love to ride or ride to live, we make gear for people first. It doesn’t matter what your destination is, as long as the journey is wild and free.

Augusta & Adeline is about creating community through riding gear and we are excited to share what we’ve been building with you!

The goal in developing Augusta and Adeline is to create a new standard in motorcycle gear and to cultivate a community around people who love motorcycles! We envision an inclusive community: whether you’re a seasoned rider, you hang on the back or you’re just into bikes, there’s a spot for you here!


Augusta Jacket

The Augusta Jacket

Adeline Chaps

The Adeline Chaps


Founder / Creator

Brittany Crook

Brittany has long had the reputation of being the baddest women’s technical apparel designer around––hard earned over a decade of honing her skills for leading brands like Arc’teryx, Dakine and Trew Gear. Now she's pairing her expertise and best industry connections with her ironclad love of motorcycles to deliver motorcycle gear you’ll want to live in.

Business Mentor

Sensi Graves

Sensi is a professional kiteboarder, entrepreneur, educator and inspirational speaker who, after losing one too many string bikinis in the surf, founded a sustainable swimwear line that empowers women to feel good in their bodies, inspires them to get outside, and stays put in the surf. When she’s not field testing the newest styles for Sensi Graves Swim, she’s scheming innovative ways to uplift women in her Hood River, Oregon community and beyond––what a powerhouse!

Graphics / Branding

Alexandra Erickson

Originally hailing from the midwest, Alex is an honorary Canadian––who can tell a midwest accent from a Canadian one anyway? This lady is an absolute ripper in any sport she tries whether it is slashing snow or kicking up dirt with her mountain bike. She’s fresh on the moto scene but is already snaking her way through the southern Washington trails on her dirt-lovin’ Yamaha!


Sami Christensen

This cool to the core, Colorado raised cowgirl is bringin the heat with graphics and flare! These days you'll find her contemplating life's mysteries and finding the perfect balance of work and play in the Columbia River Gorge. When she's not designing and illustrating, you'll find her on one of her bikes, ski touring with her dogs, surfing the frigid Oregon coast or getting dirty in her garden. ⁠

Content Creator

HAZL Puterbaugh

Introducing our girl who was raised by the trees & mountains of the The PNW. She is one of the loveliest humans you will meet and finds an absurd amount of joy stomping through mud puddles, and highlining above ocean coves, so it should come at no surprise that she rides an 03 Honda XR 650 L! Her love for adventure, sparkling personality, and overwhelming amount of life skills along with this rowdy little bike keeps the stoke alive.