Let's go for a ride...

Let's go for a ride...

Augusta & Adeline is about creating community through women’s riding gear and we are excited  to share what we’ve been building with you! Over the next few months we’ll be finalizing our September Kickstarter Launch –– you’ll be receiving a handful of updates sharing what we’re all about, some inspiration for all things moto and a bit of women’s motorcycle history. All are welcome to follow along so, pssst…pass it on!

The goal in developing Augusta and Adeline is to create a new standard in women’s motorcycle gear and to cultivate a community around women who love motorcycles! We envision an inclusive community: whether you’re a seasoned rider, you ride on the back, you’re moto-curious, or you just believe in us, there’s a spot for you here!
Women have been riding motorcycles for about as long as bikes have existed, but the motorcycle industry continues to focus on men. Augusta & Adeline is determined to chip away at that imbalance by making gear for women riders by women who ride

Speaking of women who ride, I should probably introduce myself!

I’m Brittany Crook, the founder of Augusta & Adeline. I currently live next to the Canadian Rockies in Calgary, Alberta and split time between Oregon, Southern B.C., and the open road.  I have a little mystery mutt named Gramps who does everything with me and is the best little sidekick! I love all types of motorcycles and I get so much joy from seeing girlfriends get their first bike, or go for their first ride on the back (there’s always room on mine)!

I told my dad I wanted a Harley in grade 5 –– we had a great chat about it and decided on a Sportster. It was another 13 years before I bought my first bike and since then I haven't found a type of bike I don't love! I've owned all types of bikes, including 2 ironheads from the 70’s - the original sportster. I would ideally have six bikes but for now I am limiting myself to 1 or 2 at a time. My old faithful is a 1989 Honda Hawk gt nt650, and my current muse is a 2005 Sportster Roadster that I love to take on long rides and road trips –– more on this in an upcoming email. 

In addition to riding motos, I’ve been designing and developing technical apparel for leading outdoor brands like Arc’teryx, Dakine and Trew Gear for over a decade. I’m excited to channel that experience to create something new in the motorcycle space: performance gear made specifically for women.  Through Augusta and Adeline, I hope to show that there is, and has always been a space for women who ride and to welcome more women to the road! 

I can’t thank you enough for following along on the journey, things are just getting started and I’m certain there will be some good stories to read along the way! If you know me you know my life is a bit of a wild ride, and if you don’t know me… you will see :)