Production Round 3

Production Round 3

I can’t believe the summer solstice has come and gone already! Those of you waiting for your Augusta Jackets and Adeline Chaps are probably just as tired of waiting as I am. As you know, the last time we sent an update, we had just started over at the factory search step…which is pretty much step number one when you are starting an apparel company.

Since then I have searched high and low, called and emailed manufacturers all over Europe, Canada, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico and of course the United States. After speaking with at least 40 different manufacturers, we have found ONE factory that matches the quality I want and the ability to work with the materials I have chosen for our Augusta Jacket and Adeline Chaps!

If you follow along on our instagram account, [and if you DON’T… click 👉 here to give us a quick follow] you’ll know that we had a booth at the One Moto show in Portland a few weeks ago and the factory was able to get us some awesome looking prototypes JUST in time! (Literally JUST in time - the samples arrived in Portland at my good friend and one of our first kickstarter supporters, Kristin Lane’s, house on the day of set up for the show).

Hangin at the One Moto Show!
Juliana Foster Rockin the Augusta Jacket Sample!

The samples turned out great and it was exciting to watch people check them out at the show.  We officially have a factory production partner!

As soon as we wrap up the last details and nail down pricing with the factory (should be this week), we will FINALLY be on our way to production!

THANK YOU for your patience and support while we work through these challenges.  I know this has been a long wait for those who want to be riding in some awesome new pieces.  It has definitely given me some groundhog day vibes as the process has been stuck on repeat quite a few times - it's like a temporal loop while the rest of life keeps going by!

So here we go everyone - I know I’ve asked you before, but it is once again time to cross your fingers and bite your tongue just right for some final good luck and getting this production happening.  I will update you as soon as production begins so we can all celebrate together and look forward to an official ship date!