A Sneak Peek into all the Dirty Deets!

A Sneak Peek into all the Dirty Deets!

Gather round for the dirty details of this small and scrappy apparel startup as we head full-speed toward our upcoming kickstarter campaign and preorder! What follows is a *sneak peek* of the launch pieces and some nitty-gritty of navigating performance gear manufacturing as a startup in 2021.

We are launching with two pieces that are near and dear to me –– I actually designed the prototypes in 2010 after getting my first bike and realizing the desperate need for high-performance riding gear for women.

And so, the first motorcycle kit prototype was born and I’ve been living in it ever since. I have worn these pieces all year round, through the winters in Vancouver when my motorcycle was my only vehicle for 5 years, on multi-week motorcycle trips camping and sleeping on the beach, and riding in 100 degree weather––you can trust me when I say these pieces are tried and true, and I have spent the years since fine-tuning to make them even better.

*Sneak peek of the goooooods!*

Since deciding to take the plunge and start Augusta & Adeline last year, it's been quite a journey, and while we are dangerously close to being ready to reveal the fruits of our labour, we’re being careful not to get ahead of ourselves because WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!

A typical design/development production process for an established company looks a little like this...

After 12 years of designing and developing performance apparel I learned that process like the back of my hand, and in the past year of starting Augusta & Adeline, I’ve learned a new mantra: plan on nothing going according to plan.  I also like: “nothing ever goes according to plan”

For our little startup, the process has looked like this...

Soon we will have final prototypes in hand for our fast-approaching Kickstarter video and photo shoot, and for the transcontinental motorcycle trip celebrating the ride Augusta & Adeline did over 100 years ago –– and will be even closer to getting some of our goods in your greasy fingers in time for the next riding season!

Thank you for your support ~ please share our story with your circles, far and wide!

Whether you’re a seasoned rider, you hang on the back, you’re moto-curious, or you just believe in us, there’s a spot for you here! Questions about us or product are always welcome!