The Follow Up You've Been Waiting For

The Follow Up You've Been Waiting For
I’m so so excited to share TWO updates full of good news IN A ROW!
Those of you who supported the kickstarter know far too well that there have been a lot of pivots and starting over along the way, so I am just so excited to follow up our last update with continued good news!
After chasing the final Jacket sample around the globe for about 2 weeks I was finally able to get my hands on the latest jacket sample to review, measure and fit the sample on one of my trusty fit model friends last week! Following the review of the sample I was on a video call with our factory last night to confirm a couple of the small details I noticed in the jacket last week and you better freakin’ believe we approved the Jacket for production!
The update from last night was that the Chaps should be finishing up on the sewing floor tomorrow and the Jacket should get started in the next day or two!
And just like that, a few weeks from now we will have finally made the ~ Gear You Will Want to Live In!
Hold tight as our tailors sew away!
I’ll be sure to send another email once the product has been shipped to me to pack each one up individually for the journey to its new home!
And if you are one of our Riding Gear backers who has patiently been waiting for your Augusta Jacket or Adeline Chaps - we will send you tracking information to your email directly!
Wow… I’m fairly speechless, so please do a little happy dance with me and dream about all the rides we will go on with our gear!
xo Britt