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Augusta and Adeline

The Augusta Jacket

The Augusta Jacket

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The spirit of Augusta & Adeline is what fuels everything we do, and is what we hope to inspire in our community -- tough, wild, and independent people -- on and off the bike. And let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of selection out there for women’s motorcycle jackets. You no longer have to choose between fashion and function with the Augusta Jacket. You’ll feel protected while on your bike and badass wearing it after a ride.

We have packed every little thing you need into this riding jacket including:

  • Best-in-class 1.3mm thick full-grain matte black leather for ultimate protection.
  • Waterproof coating with waterproof zippers to keep you dry. 
  • Our very own women’s specific articulated fit made to move comfortably in all riding positions.
  • A longer length in the back for extra coverage in even the most aggressive riding positions.
  • 2 hidden zippered gussets for extension in the hips when you need it.
  • 2 inside storage & 2 hand pockets because women need pockets, who knew?
  • 6 zippered vents for air flow on those hot days.
  • Sleeves engineered for arm movement–– in other words they’re engineered to move like your body does so you don’t feel any restrictions when reaching for the bars.
  • An Asymmetric zip front with vintage-style collar fits nicely worn up for warmth and down for style or to stay cool. 
  • Hidden magnets hold down the lapel corners so they don’t flop when you ride.
  • 2-way zippers at sleeve opening to access your layers & gloves and doubles as a vent.
  • A hidden logo debossed on the back of the collar is only shown with the collar zipped up for a minimalist look
  • 1 debossed flag icon on the left sleeve for subtle branding
  • Layer the Augusta Jacket over an Armoured Shirt to add impact protection (we like the Knox Action MKI Shirt)

Our goal in creating this jacket is to help minimize the chances of injury in a motorcycle accident. Because all accidents are different, we cannot guarantee the level at which you will be protected. For more info on garment or materials test ratings or info. Please contact us at

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Made to Move with You

We pride ourselves on having the best fit, because we worked really hard to make these for every body. Starting with a rider-specific articulated fit means our chaps fit comfortably in all riding positions. Our fit is engineered from scratch by one of the most technical pattern makers in the apparel industry and every stage of patterning and sampling is made for movement.

Our bodies are three dimensional, which is why our clothing should be too. We’re not made to fit into clothes, clothes should be made to fit us! You can say goodbye to straight-armed jackets and pants. Our fit is made to move with your body so you don't feel any restriction when moving in and out of riding position.


That wear in, instead of wear out

Quality fabric forms the basis for all of our design work. We start with the same best-in-class 1mm thick full-grain leather sourced from a leading motorcycle leather tannery we use in our Augusta Jacket and combine this high quality leather with Moto Denim Dyneema for the ultimate protection and versatility in a motorcycle kit!

A note on Dyneema®: Known as the world’s strongest fiber™, Dyneema® offers maximum strength and durability combined with minimum weight. We use this special denim-dyneema blend to create a smooth, streamlined look that will last for years and years to come.

Our Designer

Brittany Crook

Brittany has long had the reputation of being the baddest women’s technical apparel designer around––hard earned over more than a decade of mastery with renowned brands like Arc’teryx, Trew Gear, and Mosko Moto, she brings a unique blend of technical skill and firsthand experience. Now, fueled by her unyielding passion for motorcycles and obsession with creating the best technical apparel, Brittany is now leveraging her expertise and industry ties to redefine motorcycle gear.

Our gear, born from the passion of a rider, incorporates top of the line materials, pushing the boundaries of fit, protection and style. It’s not just gear; it’s a revolution tailored by a woman who rides.