Time To Celebrate!!!!

Time To Celebrate!!!!

It’s true, we really did it! We shipped the Kickstarter Riding Gear to our VIP supporters and can’t wait to hear your excitement when they arrive and you get them on your body! They are literally being delivered over the next couple days.

If you are one of the most patient supporters ever and you’re waiting for your Augusta Jacket or Adeline Chaps, please check your email for tracking information

Santa's little helpers were cheering me on as I packed everything up!

Once again I cannot thank you enough for your patience and support since we first launched our Kickstarter campaign exactly 2 years ago! It has been a bit of a wild ride to say the least! But you all held on with me and that was the best thing I could ask for, as an owner and operator of one!

Hopefully when you receive your gear you will love it so much you can’t help but share it with the rest of the world! If any of you are willing I would just LOVE if you would share photos or videos of yourself in your new gear, and even better than that would be if you are able to write a little review on our NEWLY LAUNCHED website!!

As a small brand just starting out, reviews from people who actually bought the gear is such a game changer!

And if there is anything you are just not quite satisfied with on your gear, please please reach out to me directly at brittany@augustaandadeline.com to see what I can do to make sure you love your stuff!

As I mentioned above, we JUST launched our website today and in celebration of that, we’re having a little Sassy Santa Sale for all you last minute shoppers - check out our sale section for some discounted Augusta & Adeline swag or add one of our hats or beanies to your cart for 15% off at checkout!

Make sure to select “Sassy Santa” as you’re shipping to get it in time for Christmas! 🎄

Free shipping on orders over $100 will still be sent in time to get it under your tree too! 🎁