Augusta & Adeline goes to The Dream Roll

by Brittany Crook / Dec 08, 2022
Have you ever had one of those weekends where your life doesn’t necessarily change, but you know that in some way it’s had a huge impact on you?

What to pack for a road trip!

by Brittany Crook / Aug 12, 2022
Whether it’s your first road trip, or you’ve put in thousands of miles, planning ahead is one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself. Being prepared can mean the difference between getting to your destination on time and being thrilled versus being stranded on the side of the road or having to cut the trip short.

Learn to Ride - It's never too late

by Brittany Crook / Jul 27, 2022
I’m Molly, the new wordsmith for Augusta and Adeline. I am a very new rider at what some would consider a late age, so I wanted to share my experie...

Slow Down to Speed Up

by Brittany Crook / Jun 01, 2022
I can’t believe May is over already! It has been a busy month pushing for our backup plans to come through. As a follow up to our non-update-u...

We're Still Here & It's Update Time

by Brittany Crook / May 01, 2022
Wow! 2022 has been flying by for us at Augusta & Adeline. First, I want to apologize for our radio silence. We started the year off with a bang...

A quick word on Kickstarter for those of you not familiar...

by Brittany Crook / Sep 28, 2021
Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform for creative projects––the company mission is to help bring creative projects to life! So, we set our projec...

A Sneak Peek into all the Dirty Deets!

by Brittany Crook / Sep 20, 2021
Gather round for the dirty details of this small and scrappy apparel startup as we head full-speed toward our upcoming kickstarter campaign...

Let's go for a ride...

by Brittany Crook / Aug 24, 2021
Augusta & Adeline is about creating community through women’s riding gear and we are excited  to share what we’ve been building with you!