We're Still Here & It's Update Time

We're Still Here & It's Update Time

Wow! 2022 has been flying by for us at Augusta & Adeline.

First, I want to apologize for our radio silence. We started the year off with a bang shipping all one hundred and thirty team apparel perks, patches and thank you notes! It was thrilling (and a LOT of work) to get those packaged and shipped. Gramps was an excellent little helper!

According to our tracking information, everything was successfully delivered. (If you have not received a package from A&A, please reach out ASAP so we can sort out a replacement.)

For those of you who pre-ordered an Augusta Jacket or Adeline Chaps, keep an eye out for your backer survey from Kickstarter and complete it at your earliest convenience. This is how we get all your up-to-date sizing info to make your perfect-for-you gear.

Now for the juicy stuff:

As you know, Kickstarters are a way of getting a new company off the ground before production. This is an amazing advantage for a start-up since production costs are a huge upfront expense and forecasting for a new product launch is tricky to say the least! (I run into this all of the time in my day job working with clients like Dakine, Mosko Moto and MEC.)

However, pre-selling a product before it’s made has its own complications since so many things can come up and change before production is complete.

We chose to launch our kickstarter with a US manufacturer based in Fall River, Massachusetts. We love this factory for many reasons: they’re based in North America, family-owned, and known for their quality riding gear. They are an awesome, Augusta & Adeline-aligned crew. Unfortunately, the last few years have been tough for this little factory. From Covid shutdowns to staff getting sick, immigration freezes creating a shortage of skilled workers to supply chain issues. There have been a lot of delays at the factory, to say the least.

May Ship Dates: In order to meet our estimated May shipping date, production needed to begin by mid April. Sadly, this didn’t happen. We have been in constant communication with the factory and on the road working to secure our production slot and revised shipping timeline but didn’t want to wait any longer to update you - our invaluable supporters and original crew!

So, our non-update-update is… The riding gear is coming to you as soon as we can make it happen but the shipping date is TBD.