Augusta & Adeline goes to The Dream Roll

Augusta & Adeline goes to The Dream Roll

Have you ever had one of those weekends where your life doesn’t necessarily change, but you know that in some way it’s had a huge impact on you? That was The Dream Roll.
The Dream Roll was an amazing weekend at a 4H camp in Washington in August. Why are we just posting about it now? Let’s just say it took us that long to recover from it ;) The Dream Roll is an entire weekend dedicated to women who love to ride motorcycles. People ride out from all over and camp, party and ride together. The weekend is full of group rides, vendor booths, food trucks, DJs, dance parties, competitions, and (thank god) an endless amount of coffee.
Brittany, our fearless leader, invited Maren (our gorgeous model) and me (Molly) to join her at our very own vendor booth. We wanted to show off our initial samples of jackets and chaps - even though we’re still in development, we wanted to start getting the word out, give people a chance to try things on and give us feedback before production happens. We also had the softest t-shirts and sweatshirts to sell because no one wants to leave empty handed!   
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We didn’t really know what to expect as this was a new event for all of us, but serioiusly, what a trip. Maren and I started setting up our tent, and just as it began to blow away with the wind, two women came over to us with mallets and immediately started hammering it down for us. That was essentially how the whole weekend went. Not the wind, but people helping others and forming instant friendships. The only way I can really describe it is like you’re going to a reunion with a ton of people you already know and love, except you haven’t even met them yet. 

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Our booth was nestled between a some beautiful ceramics and hand crafted leather bags & seat upholstery (check out Blackstitch Label and Riders Shine) and the weekend started with a vroom vroom as everyone started to arrive. I quickly abandoned my post when I discovered they were doing flash tattoos in the “stabbin’ cabin” and I signed up for a fresh scorpion tattoo. 
We befriended our neighbours in the Vendor Village and quickly formed a coalition of friends. Shout out to Oakthorn studios, Feral Hag, and Rider Shine Ceramics. We spent the rest of the weekend together, not just selling, but dancing, drinking, and partying the night away when we eventually closed up shop.
Saturday was the main event, and somehow working at our booth was just as fun as all the other activities going on (and we definitely had some extra time to run around and see everything else going on). We met a ton of amazing women. 
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I do need to take a moment to get on my little soapbox for a second, though. When I was a new rider looking for a motorcycle jacket, I found myself incredibly frustrated. When I went to places like Cycle Gear, all of the women’s jackets literally had pink stitching or roses stitched into them. Now don’t get me wrong, I love roses both real and fabricated, but I wasn’t exactly going for that look. And straight up, when I tried them on, they wouldn’t fit over my boobs (which, admittedly, are big, but like, lots of women’s boobs are big so you’d think that’d be a consideration here). 
I went to SeeSee's which is much more “hip” if you’re speaking like a 60 year old grandma and certainly more my style. But what did I run into there? More women’s jackets that didn’t fit me. Unfortunately even the really sweet leather ones would not fit over my boobs, and if I sized way up, then the shoulders would be monstrous.

So what did I end up with? A male motorcycle jacket. It was pretty basic looking - just a black denim, but I had to roll up the sleeves for my arms to fit, and yeah the shoulders were still a little big, but ultimately it was the cutest and comfiest gear I could find.


My point is, it’s nearly impossible to find cute riding gear that both fits and functions. 


This was what we heard over and over again at The Dream Roll. Everyone who came up to ask us what we were about would end up telling me their story about how hard it was for them to find a jacket that fit. Girls on my BTC (big tittie committee) regularly talked about the struggle of getting the ratio right. It made us all feel like what we’re doing at A&A is sorely needed. The people that did try on the prototypes were blown away by the quality and feel of the jackets. We’re super excited to get these into the hands of as many women riders as possible.


Anyways, my point is that no only did we have an amazing time, our work started to feel justified. That’s a nice feeling. And trust me, I’m not trying to sit here and talk about how great and how right we are, but really this was just a good reminder of the need for a deep focus on the women’s motorcycle apparel industry, specifically by women who ride.


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With that being said, the rest of the weekend was straight up DOPE. I think we all agreed that the highlight of the weekend was Jello wrestling. Yes, you heard me correctly. There was a kiddie pool full of what they called Jello, can’t be too sure, but it was a gelatinous red goo that looked just absolutely disgusting to be in.

While I could not convince Maren that she should enter, they basically had a stampede of willing participants. They could have had their own fights just to be able to enter the main fight.


Now, I’m not a sports person. I don’t get football, baseball is boring, that’s why I ride bikes. HOWEVER, if Jello wrestling was a sport, I would be all in. I don’t think I’ve screamed that hard in my entire life. The energy was palpable. The women were strong as hell…I think we even watched someone almost die. One of the things we noticed was how pure it was with just women. We weren’t doing it to ogle women in bikinis touching, it was truly a sport to have fun and enjoy. There’s a certain magic that happens when there’s not a single man around. I think that is what made the weekend so special…just this raw energy of women doing what they want. 


The night continued with a killer DJ and a drag show. There was dancing, there was laughter, there were a lot of technical difficulties. Maren and I learned how to twerk. And by learned how to, I mean someone taught us and then I totally sucked at it. 


By the end of the weekend, it was amazing to see so many new friends sporting our A&A merch. Suddenly the strangers we walked past on Friday afternoon were walking with us on Sunday morning. Packing up was certainly bittersweet, but we had a renewed energy and a shit ton of amazing memories.


Our goal is to continue to go to events like this, especially as we have more samples to show and the ability to pre-order. We are so grateful to be part of this community! 

See you at the next one :)